Personal Branding & Money Mindset with Jasna Burza of @jasna.burza

Personal Branding & Money Mindset with @jasna.burza

An interview with life & business coach Jasna Burza all about mindset & overcoming your struggles through meditation & being authentic

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Jenna Redfield 0:03

Do you struggle with getting your voice and your business out there to the local Twin Cities community? Don't worry, we've all been there and this podcast is ready to help. Welcome to the Twin Cities collective podcast with Jenna Redfield each week we'll be discussing topics that will educate, encourage and inspire you to grow your brand or business and introduce you to new ideas, businesses and entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities area hosted by Studio Americana in Golden Valley. This podcast shares tips and tricks to help grow your empire and have fun doing it. Hi, I'm your host Jenna Redfield, director of the Twin Cities collective and online community for local entrepreneurs, bloggers, small business owners and creatives. Make sure to join our Facebook forward slash groups forward slash Twin Cities collective. Follow us on Instagram at Twin Cities collective and go to Twin Cities collective calm. To learn more about our upcoming workshops, subscribe on your podcast app and give us a review on Apple podcasts. Now sit back, relax and enjoy this episode of the podcast.

Hi, everyone. My name is Jenna Redfield, and I'm your host of the twin sister collective podcast today I have a special guest. This is Jasna Burza, and she is a life and business coach. Welcome. Thank you so much. I'm so excited. I'm excited to have you. We took the week off last week from the podcast because it was Memorial Day. And so I was like really excited to get back into it. So it's very exciting.

Jasna Burza 1:24

It's a really good day today.

Jenna Redfield 1:27

It is it's very hot out. And so the inside. So Introduce yourself, maybe talk about what you do, and maybe like a little bit about your journey and how you got here.

Jasna Burza 1:35

Sure. Well, first, what an honor to be here. Right? I really want to start by saying that I recently, someone reached out to me and say you have to know this woman, and I am honored because when you have done in our community is really, really stellar. We all have the same opportunities and access. And I think that you have created something magnificent for people who are really looking for resources. So huge, huge kudos to Janet. I am so many different things. But in my professional representation, I'm a life and business coach and in the Minneapolis and I serve primarily visionaries, unicorns, people who have really big vision in life. People who want to get very clear on what their purpose or calling is, I think that there's an incredible uprising for humans. Right now. It's actually an incredible time for us, that we crave freedom, we do know what we're made of. And there's so many opportunities for us in this world. So one of the things that I love the most is helping people get very clear on what is my purpose? What is my niche? What am I supposed to be doing. And then second superpower that I call is helping people make money. I have seen so many people in in, in my life in my circle, who are really struggling, been making money and they're good. They're incredible service. They're good human beings, they work hard. So after a decade in this business, I have not only survived by thrive. And I think that that there's so much about mindset, to presenting yourself and making money. And that's something I enjoy tremendous.

Jenna Redfield 3:23

And that's something that I struggle with. So we met like a couple weeks ago, and I was just like, Oh my gosh, you're like the perfect person for me. And I just, I value your experience because you have so much of that. So how did you start your career? Was it as a coach? Or were you in like the corporate world? What was your journey?

Jasna Burza 3:39

I was in corporate world I was really a you know, corporate Nomad, I was looking for something I I'm very ambitious, very driven. I was doing sales for a software company. And I did enjoy the process. I have to say that I'm a go getter. Yeah. And we do really got me to stop and reevaluate was the fact that I lost a child. And that was for me a point of no return, so to speak, it will follow followed by series of miscarriages. And and I think it really made me question my purpose, you know, if I was never going to have children, what was I supposed to do? What am I here to learn? I think sometimes the most painful and excruciating moments in our lives are if we could really stay present for them are such a great teachers. So that was the beginning of an unraveling of the old person who, you know, I'm an immigrant, I grew up in a refugee camp. So for me to come here and, you know, make all this money, I thought that was that that's the, this is life. This is the amazing dream and finding myself utterly miserable, something was missing, I had the money, I had the success, I had pretty much everything a woman would want, at the time. And it just something was really missing. So for me, it was a journey. I hired a coach, I read millions of self help books. But it's really working with a coach understanding of what am I supposed to do? What are my gifts? Yeah. And by a decade ago, I went back to grad school for coaching, and I never looked back.

Jenna Redfield 5:34

Nice. So you use the coach to become a coach, kind of,

Jasna Burza 5:38

I worked with a coach to get very clear, what am I I did not know, I remember thinking I would be very good, actually exceptionally good at that something if I only knew what it was?

Jenna Redfield 5:49

Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I feel like you have that. What's it called? potential? As we all do, yeah. And it's figuring that out. And that's what you help people with is figuring out their potential, basically,

Jasna Burza 6:02

pretty much, you know, there's so much expectation for us today to show up in an Instagram culture, to show up in and be like someone else or do it or show how successful we are. And sometimes we do it in a line of work that's not aligned with who we are. And we're never going to break through successful if we are fully alive, which we are,

Jenna Redfield 6:25

like snap for that. I don't know why I'm just like, Oh, snap for that. So yeah, so today, I really wanted to talk about like your mindset, maybe as a business owner, but yeah, like as yourself. Like, if you're not being your true self. You're kind of faking it. Do you see that a lot, especially like on Instagram? Oh, my God, you're

Unknown Speaker 6:43

so funny.

Unknown Speaker 6:45

No, I don't think so.

Jasna Burza 6:46

That is so funny. I've had weeks of discussions about so many of my clients get soul bought into the story of other people. Right?

If there is something to be said about fake it till you make it certain instances, what that does long term to business owners and creatives in our community specifically, is that we do we can fake it, but in the end we end up resenting, yes, is that internal? Yeah, hatred, and low self esteem. And that's a block, that's a block through achieving the money, like, you know, yeah, afraid of being found out. And it's a block of really, really fully putting ourselves out there. When it comes to showing up as you are, Mm hmm. This, I have to say, This took me a long time to learn is to really show up, as you are, unapologetically. See, I come from a culture where you don't you don't air your dirty laundry. Your protectors, you know, they're you're very private. And I remember years ago, client telling me why just I just, you seem so perfect. Your life seems so perfect. Your business is booming. You're glowing every time I see you. And it couldn't be further from the truth. Like First of all, what is perfect? I had such a that word. Secondly, is we all have challenges, things that we experienced daily, weekly, monthly. So he was starting to share those things and showing my followers and people that that you know, so to speak look up to me that I fall on my butt. All. Yeah, but here's how I get in. Right? So it's showing all of yourself and people fall in love with with you when you are raw and vulnerable. And in unapologetic you know, watching you stories feelings ago, and you were just like, you guys, I just I don't know. Yeah, that was so endearing. It's so scary to do, because we're expected to put together and perfect, but I think that that's what connects Yeah.

Jenna Redfield 9:10

I think that being vulnerable is something that the internet has allowed us to do in a way that you can't beforehand. And I think Instagram and Facebook, when they first started it was like it was so perfect, and everything's perfect. And now, I think over time people are like, I'm sick of having to be perfect all the time. And like Instagram stories have been a really great way to be more in the moment, I guess. And like behind the scenes.

Jasna Burza 9:33

Yes. I so true. Yeah, so true. And I and I love that because listen, I think that we're all seekers, yeah, we are all here, looking to really serve, I believe we are at our best and happiest when we are of service to others. And when that benefits us, yay, yeah. But we want to feel good about ourselves. You know, my motto is all of us, you know, I help people go to bed grateful for what they have and wake up feeling good about themselves. And we all want to do that in so many different ways. So when we are, you know, not feeling very good feeling anxious feeling. Not enough. And we have to perfectly curated realities, riders, that that can be poison. Hmm. And I think

I love this new direction this like, Hey, I am so weird. And

finding myself Yeah, it's a really beautiful point of relations. People work with people they know, like, and trust people buy from people they don't know I can trust. So they will trust you. They can see all of you.

Jenna Redfield 10:48

Yeah, that's so true. And I think it's, do you think it's a generational thing? to like, I know, my parents generation is way more private, and they don't like to air things is or is it by person? I don't know.

Jasna Burza 11:00

Why think generational is correlated to the society. Our parents are up and down the rules, right? What was appropriate was now. And they they grew up in that way. So it is we live in a completely different culture. I don't think we have escaped from from perfection, ism. All under the maze. Right? Yeah, I think that we still want the best. And we want to look, we want to put our best foot forward, we still do. I don't you know, show up, you know, stories of my kids screaming bloody murder. My story is very accurate and right. I think my audience would enjoy that. So we still want to show the cute moments. But I think that there is a generational shift. And I think you millennials to celebrate for dad, because I think that you're giving permission for everyone else to do the same.

Jenna Redfield 11:59

Yeah, I think that's so true. Because I, I I've said this on other podcast, I was born the same week as the internet. So the World Wide Web was created about five days before I was born. So yes, I've never lived in a world without the internet. Oh.

Jasna Burza 12:14

Oh, my I was 16. The first time I saw the computer, okay.

Jenna Redfield 12:17

Yeah. I have a video of me being on like an old computer at my parents house. And I was like two years old. And I was like sitting playing a computer game. I have a clip of it. I have a video clip of it. I

Jasna Burza 12:29

mean, that's incredible. That that changes the way you breathe. you relate?

Jenna Redfield 12:33

Yeah, I mean, I had a cell phone all throughout high school, I'd Facebook all throughout high school. So it was like, I felt like I was coming of age in the time of social media. So I think that's why it is a lot easier for me to understand, then maybe somebody 10 years older than me. I,

Jasna Burza 12:49

I really fully respect that. And I think it's it's fascinating. But here's the take on that for me, for someone who really hasn't, you know, I did not grow up in that environment. I'm actually infinitely blessed to not have had Facebook when I was in college, I don't even know. It's been like, yeah, there is in talking about mindset, especially specifically for people who are really wanting to run their own business, and be creatives. If we're creatives, and anyone wants to be business owners, it means that we're incredibly savvy, it means that we like to work on by ourselves means that we're driven, it means that we have access to incredible ideas that we are actually willing to implement. Those ideas come to us in stillness. So there is a danger with constant, you know, constantly being plugged in even when I'm doing stories. I'll take a bunch of photos, and I will do it later. And in the respect of time and others. Just this morning, you know, I was driving to work. And as I was driving, I thought of you know, I'm always listening to a podcast, we're always hard to Dan. Yeah, all these listening to feeding our brain. And I love that. And I had an incredible insight about a noble, so just downloaded to me that I had to record. And they think that in order to really believe in yourself, you need to give remove yourself from all of the noise, noise of social media, noise of opinion of others noise of of all kinds. And I see people get very, very depressed and they kill their mood when they see a competitor celebrating something like they have gotten a deal or book to client or whatever it is.

I'm an abraham hicks follower. Okay.

Yeah. So for me, I'm a really big believer in stepping away and crafting the time for yourself. So you have to find time to fortify yourself and your mindset. And that's more important than any marketing strategy one can have. And you can do them many different ways. For me, I get up at four in the morning, every morning. It's the only two hours I had before children Hmm. Or it's the only time during the day where I'm alone. And it's sacred. It's meditation. It's prayer. Sometimes it's emails, sometimes it's putting on makeup in for him like I did this morning. So it's there yet at all times. But neat. Create crafting the time for yourself. Is is an absolute key. Yeah, I'm really curious. Yeah. If you were to, you know, set out two hours for yourself as a creative and stillness first thing in the morning. Do you think what do you think that would do for your business?

Jenna Redfield 15:51

I think that would really help me, I usually wake if I do wake up early, it's because I'm going to work out. That's my which. And here's the thing, I don't have kids and I'm not married. So I am by myself more than the average person. So for me, I, I don't know, I think I do get bored easily. And so for me, I tend to fill my nights with going to things I go, I hang out with friends, I go to networking events, I I try to not sit at home all day and feel like I'm wasting my time when I could be out living my life. So I think for me, I think that would be helpful, especially the meditation part. Because I feel like I don't spend a lot of time just like deep thinking. I always have to be entertained and put something in front of my face always.

Jasna Burza 16:33

So that I really I honor and respect that so much. We all do. Because it's a distraction. It's there's an uncomfortable feeling when we're sitting by yourself not doing Yes, yeah, you know, there's a quote, they often say, you know, when I say I'm not doing anything, doesn't mean I'm free means that we have to said with that restlessness in order to really be very effective, be very strong, and not be consumed by whatever happens during the day, we have to fortify ourselves, we have to find that stillness, that strength, that peace, that universal download that connection with the source, whatever that is, and you can do it. It doesn't need to be two hours, it can be 10 minutes, but I think is one of the most important things that I advise everyone to do. One of the things that completely shifts my life every time when I commit to it more if I'm off track. And that's probably the thing that will grow your business. Yeah. Or your confidence the fastest by far

Jenna Redfield 17:48

do so for those two hours that you spend quiet time. What are you thinking about? Are you are you just emptying your mind? Or are you thinking things? What are you doing?

Jasna Burza 17:59

So it's depends on what the mood I'm in, right? I like to start every single day by at least 10 minutes of just sitting in my bed. So I'm really lucky. My husband brings me coffee and bed every day off at 4am he leaves to work out and I just sit there in my cup of coffee and I just read so listen to meditation, listen to an affirmation. Some days, I'm just not into it. I just am really antsy. So the problem I had I caught myself last year for two months. The first thing I would do when I would wake up was to go to Instagram. And the phones are next door. That's the easy thing. You know, 40 minutes later I have done yeah, heal my head of other people's information. Yes. So it's there is a no phone limit. I've made death so clear. And that has been transformative. So like I said, I think it was important just still even be still first five minutes. And then you know, I think about it, this is going to be a good day. This is going to be a fabulous day. I'm grateful for like what am i grateful for I have an incredible bedrooms, I can just like sit in that luxurious and really feel it. I am a very fortunate person Jenna I mean, I've been through him back. So I gratitude is kind of ingrained. That's a huge practice my morning practice. And then there are days when I will literally just respond to emails and get stuff done. Because that if I feel overwhelmed, or I'm behind, I get that done. Because that will help me most. So the answer is what do you need to do in those first hour, two hours? that's going to really get you ready for the day?

Jenna Redfield 19:47

Have you read the Miracle Morning?

Jasna Burza 19:49

I have Yes.

Jenna Redfield 19:51

Is it kind of did you kind of do that before after?

Jasna Burza 19:54

I've been doing this for a very long. But that's pretty much practice. book and I love what it what it preaches. And there's you know, all of the successful people find start a day start their day, with some kind of a ritual. Yeah. And the beautiful thing is that you get to create it yourself. And you know, when it comes to present, you know presenting yourself you were you're talking about you know how you show up and how you represent your your personal brand. We're all so different. There is not a universal thing that works for everyone. There's not a single book that's going to work for everyone. If you're not a morning person, Miracle Morning is not good for you. So you have to be incredibly self aware. Yeah, who are you? What gets you off? What gets you excited? What are you really, really, really interested in? When do you learn the most? What do you need the most? And then you go do those things. And when you do that beautiful point of like you do you Yeah. And when you do you, you can show up in ways that are that are unapologetic. And people are going to love you for it.

Jenna Redfield 21:10

Yeah, I agree. I think that's amazing. And I've never done that. I should your challenge. Yeah, I

Jasna Burza 21:18

heard Yeah. Here's the thing. I would like to challenge you that the next podcast you do you start off the podcast, get an update about

Jenna Redfield 21:26

that's a great idea. I will do that. I will do that. I will say that before I can record a session before the person and say this is what I did from last podcast. Cool. So I went to a conference last month and actually talked about this a couple of podcasts ago and it was and one of the speakers talked about manifestation law of attraction affirmations. How did you get into that? or How did you learn about kind of that philosophy?

Jasna Burza 21:49

I think I'm late to the

game yeah, I you know, I've heard the name very often I honestly don't even know who recommended abraham hicks. It I know it was about a decade ago, okay. And for me, if I don't listen to Abraham Hicks daily, something's, something's something's off. And it's just five minute video or an audio. I think of all these practices, I'm such a believer of, you know, when you are in a good state of mind, you attract good state of mind things. And that it could never, you know, I never had the words law of attraction or manifesting for it. But I always remember when I was in a really sour mood, and I was driving. I saw a lot of unhappy people around me, right? Well, that's pretty much because they were a reflection of my mind. And you know, that goes back to the the concept of mindset in our in our business. Yeah, I think if our minds are all over the place, Boss all over the place. That precisely what's going to show up in your everyday life. So sure, if you're, you know, scattered about your clients or you know, unsure about the money or worried that's precisely what's going to show up. So we have to become disciplinarians. Our mind, we have to be the ones who are in charge. Yeah, let the money run, so to speak. Yeah,

Jenna Redfield 23:24

I think that is really important. And I think that,

how, how over time, you said, you've been through a lot of things. How did you keep a positive attitude through that?

Jasna Burza 23:37

I honestly don't know. I think that, you know, I was eight years old when war started in my native country, Bosnia, and my dad was taken to a concentration camp, and I ended up in refugee camp. And I think when at that early on, I mean, I wouldn't wish this on anyone, it just, it shakes you. prepares you. If you survive it, you know how fortunate you are. I would never wish that upon anyone. But I'm actually incredibly grateful that that it did happen to me. And there's a sense of resilience, right? There is I always have a choice. Uh huh. I am an idealist Pollyanna, all the way man. But I'm also a pragmatist and a realist, it's an interesting combination. unfortunate things are bound to happen throughout our lives. That's a fact. You may not call them things are going to happen. The Our job is to react. And when I realized that, I think that's really, really, really changed everything for me. And I, for every time something negative happens, you know, a client cancels, you know, I have some kind of a loss, there are a million of other things that I do have that I am grateful for. And whatever it is that you focus on grows. So what are you focusing on? And it's, it's really remember, when I was going through miscarriages, there was a time was like a poor me, the thought of poor me came to came to mind. And then some evil, just something shifted. We're like, how is this a gift. And I know, this is a really difficult thing, especially when losing a child is incredibly painful and emotional. But truthfully, without it, I would have never left the corporate world.

Jenna Redfield 25:40

So it's kind of a catalyst for you,

Jasna Burza 25:42

an unbelievable teacher and academies, I changed absolutely my entire life. Both my husband and I chose to quit our full time jobs. And we have been fortunate to build our businesses to be at our children for the first six years of their lives.

And that's, that's incredible. So

really, when there's something that happens, the defeat, loss of confidence, something doesn't work out a business fail, it just means you need to retrieve a little bit, fortify yourself, but not much is lost. What's left, um, what's possible out of this Hmm, some of the greatest businesses or detours in in life, you know, professional life have come from from, you know, graves of these failures, so to speak. Yeah, there's all these things that we can take a look at. I don't, there's never been in my life things, again, horrible things that I haven't taken look at,

you know, in a way that what's left What's good,

Jenna Redfield 26:49

yeah. That is so true. It's it's flipping the script on how you think about things it is.

Jasna Burza 26:54

So it's a practice. So if someone is really struggling with that, you know, there's so many different things people wear bracelets, or you know, whatever it is,

it's a muscle.

And if you can really be disciplined enough about practicing a day in and day out for a few weeks, then you have, you're more likely to actually maintain that as a practice.

Jenna Redfield 27:17

That's a really good thing to know. Because I think everyone thinks that everyone else is good at it. But it takes practice, right? It's like anything.

Jasna Burza 27:26

Pretty much anything. Yeah, there are no overnight successes. Oh, my goodness, I laugh. Right. Yeah, you are exactly where you need to be. But you don't have to stay there true. And the moment we surrender to what is, is the moment that all resistance dissipates.

Jenna Redfield 27:46

How do you get people to go beyond what there's maybe they are stuck, and they feel like scared to move forward? And maybe a step forward? How do you? Like what is your advice, I guess for that?

Jasna Burza 28:00


this is my magical superpower, okay?

When people come to me in their stock, about a business or a service, or they don't know where to go, or how to make a decision, I firmly believe that every single one of them is absolutely 100% clear on what they want and how they want. We all know, uh huh. So one of the first things that I do is get very clear on what that is. And I really, I don't I don't waste a lot of time, within 1520 minutes. I when I talk to people, they get very clear. And sometimes it's really scary. Because once you say it, then you have to follow through on it. Yeah, so true. And very often, we don't want to say yeah, so it could be I really need to leave my husband, or my wife, or I really need to quit my job, or I really need to let go of that business partnership, or whatever it is. We're so afraid to say it. But when we say there's power in it, yeah. Then we have choice. Yes. So the the way of getting unstuck, or going beyond the fear of what needs to be done is pure action. And that's where I mean, the my work is in parallel. We're right now in our mastermind course, in which I see this with so many women who are wildly talented, incredibly creative, super smart, and unbelievably kind, yet, there's this everything has been said everything has been done. And when they put themselves into action, they do a Jenna they actually go out there and they do it. Everything changes, because then they realize, either that's not it, I have to do it better. Or my God, I thought it was going to just completely fall in my face. And I didn't, I should do it again. So whether you want to do a podcast or video or you want to do a service, or you want to do one on one, we want to do a workshop. I don't care what it is. You do it so Jenna Yeah. You're gonna, you know, play a bigger game. Yeah, do it. So you know, when we talked, there were four things that say go do it. Yeah, you're already moving on through.

And as a result, you're going to say, holy,

right, yeah. I know. So the confidence

Jenna Redfield 30:24

is confidence, I think. Yeah, sure.

Jasna Burza 30:26

And that's a muscle. Mm hmm. You can't read enough self help books to get to that point. True.

Jenna Redfield 30:31

I think for me, I've never been scared to public speak to be on video on audio. But some people that's a huge thing for them. For me. It's more of the launching things or the or the certain things. But then there's times where I'm not afraid at all, because I know it'll work. So it just I think it just depends on the situation for me.

Jasna Burza 30:52

He does, but you probably not afraid when you have primed yourself. True. Will you have taken the time you have taken the steps, you're ready. There's pushing yourself when you're not ready. And there's pushing yourself when you're ready to grow. So in the world in the culture of hustle and just do it and go for it, right? If you go for it, and you're pushing against something, and it's uncomfortable, you're

you're having headaches? Yeah, you hyperventilate, that's not it.

It's not it back away. I'm telling you back away, you're going to hit a wall. But if you're pushing forward, and you're going for it, and you're slightly anxious, and slightly hyperventilating, but you're excited. That's a good sign. Okay.

Jenna Redfield 31:42

Yeah, that does help, because I think I'm always afraid that it's going to fail. That's always my fear. I'm not afraid, and maybe also a fear of success. Do you have people that come up to you with a fear of success? Because I think sometimes I feel like I do have a fear of success. So what does that look like? Like, I read a, I don't know if there's a movie or a book recently, where somebody was, Oh, it was a YouTube video where this woman she did really well for herself on YouTube, she was a millionaire, multi millionaire had a huge house, huge car, like it was, she's worth a lot of money, she was so afraid to show that to her audience, because she didn't want her audience to think of her a certain way. She didn't want to come across as bragging or coming across as, like, you know, coming across not as like an everyday person. And so I think sometimes I'm just like, I want to be that suffering artist. Like, I feel like I want to be in the trenches with everyone. And I feel like sometimes I'm like, if I go beyond that, I feel like I can't relate anymore. Why is it important to be in the trenches? Because I think that that's who my audiences, they're also in the trenches. And so I feel like if I go above them, I feel like I can't relate. And I can't give them the information they need, because I feel like one of them.

Jasna Burza 32:53

Is that true?

Jenna Redfield 32:55

I don't know. And that might just be a mindset thing.

Jasna Burza 32:59

So it is it myself, I'm asking I don't mean, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 33:03

I know. I'm open on this August.

Jasna Burza 33:06

I don't mess around. You're not the first one. There's so many things that I even know that i did i big things that I want to do. I know like, if it doesn't work, right, so what if

I'm going to say this?

Those things that are keeping you from up leveling your life? Are the things are keep going to keep you from just about everything else. Very often there's the main belief that's underlying it, all of it. Yes. Right. So all of that. There is nothing spiritual about being poor. And this comes from someone who grew up poor. And there is an incredible abundance, in in financial security and abundance in having freedom. And uncovering those, figuring out what those things are, how are you going to think they're going to propel you forward? And I think that, you know, we've heard it so many times, but I really believe the money just makes you more of who you are. I'm still able to relate to a woman who is going through a miscarriage. I'm not there. Five years later, I have two beautiful children, but I know the pain. And I can relate. I can relate to feeling so restless, and you know, having all kinds of health issues because I was so overworked and so stressed out in my corporate world. I'm not there. Uh huh. But I remember I remember sleeping in a blackberry into my pillow. sake. I remember the anxiousness. I remember all of that. So I think that, you know, this is just an answer to you. That kind of a counter argument that up leveling your life really helps your community because right now, so many of us are looking up to you, in so many different ways. Yeah. So are you going to show us that there's better than the true?

Jenna Redfield 35:15

Yeah, that's true. Yeah, you're right. I think it's more and I you said something right now that I've been struggling with is figuring out what that one thing is that's stopping me. And there's something stuck in my brain? And I can't figure it out? Why I think certain ways, and I think I'm trying to dig it out, figure out what it is that stop like what my block is? I think that's what I for the last like year, I would say I'm trying to find that block.

Jasna Burza 35:43

Well, we've talked about last time a little bit. Yeah. You mentioned parents. Yeah. You talked about, you know, you're you're, you're an incredibly kind human being, you are a giver, you know, you know, what story? Do you have a moment money or success? Have you ever written that down?

Jenna Redfield 36:04

About what I think of success or one? I don't know if I've written it down. I've thought about it. But I guess I maybe I should probably like,

Jasna Burza 36:13

set it out. It's writing it down. You know, growing up, you know, I remember my dad always say no one has money, money doesn't grow on trees. Women can be in powerful positions. And I saw all these stories be for a long time. And they lose power when you can acknowledge them and the truly lose power. It's afraid to say one of the biggest things like what if I'm a fake? What if I'm just pretending? What if I'm really not good? Yeah, that's, for example. Yeah, I think the world of myself. But there's there are times where I'm like, What if I'm just be us? What if I really not that good? Yeah. Right. So you can say, Okay, let's stay with that. First of all, it's a horrible thought it made me feel icky. Make me feel just just now good enough. But then you can see it say, Okay, this is just something that's going on. Is it true? Is it true? What evidence do I have of it? What do I think of myself? What What qualities do I have in me to do this? And always transforming it? It's this is I mean, it's really hard. Until, until

Jenna Redfield 37:22

until it clicks. And I think that that is something that a lot of people, I think for me, I listened to someone say something, I internalize it and say, No, that's not true. And then comes out the other side of the year, give me an example. Like, so if somebody says, Oh, you're so successful, like in my head, I'm like, No, I'm like, struggling, and I'm not doing well. So that it's like, instantly, I'm just like, no, that's not correct. And so then I internalize it. And even though people tell me that all the time, it's still doesn't get through to me. So I'm like, trying to figure out how to, like, let that in, and not like put up a wall?

Jasna Burza 37:59

What does it mean to be successful?

Jenna Redfield 38:01

I think for me, financially successful, because I feel like people can look at me and say, Oh, you have this many followers. Oh, you, you know you're doing this, but I'm like, but I don't feel financially successful.

Jasna Burza 38:14

You know, if I were If I were you, one of the most powerful and God's scary, would be actually to talk about it. Yeah. Because if that's an if, if we're not, here's the thing. You think you're the only one? That's pretty much 15,000 women right now, Minneapolis feeling the same thoughts day in and day out? Right? Even when people people tell me I was like, Oh, my God right now, like you're on fire all the things that you're doing and like I'm actually not doing much.

Jenna Redfield 38:46

Yeah. Oops. Yeah, I know. I'm afraid to admit sometimes, you know, so

Jasna Burza 38:51

take away the power. Yeah, say it. Right. I right now, I am not making the money I'm used to make. I'm a casing that because I know what's possible. I am not as an entrepreneur making the kinds of money I want to be making. It doesn't make me less of a success. It doesn't make me less less good. I would claim it I would, I would actually dedicate an entire podcast episode. Yeah. Talking about it. Because you're connecting to my fear. Yeah. Right. I resonate. Yeah, we all resonate. Enough is enough. We have to find a way. Which is why I love the idea of the Twin Cities collective you do to support and empower one another and not one up each other? Yeah, I look at me, I'm making all of this right. We we want all of us to be to be successful. Because the more money we make, the more the better of the world will go. So it's, it's really saying it. But it's also hearing is that what people are saying? Uh huh. See, ally five, it becomes the truth. True. Right. Yeah. So you've heard it enough. You must be doing something. Right. Yeah. So in the eyes of others, and for me, I like I feel like I'm a veteran in this world. You're incredible. And what you have done, I have watched you show up on social media. So an authentically, I don't think I would have been able to do that. When I first started out. I admire that. So I think that for you, take the time to really own that. Hear it. Okay. And if you can own it, if you can own it day in and day out and say, Okay, well, maybe they're right. So when when we tell our brain, I'm successful, I'm great. And there's boys. No, you're not. You can say, well, maybe maybe there's something to it. So you're not really you know, you're not telling yourself a lie, or the truth that you don't believe yourself least halfway there. Maybe, maybe, maybe I could leave it for an hour. What would that feel? Yeah. Okay, low hanging fruit.

Jenna Redfield 41:08

Yeah. And just, I think that's true is what you mentioned at the beginning of the podcast, the fake it till you make it, which I think I learned also is Yeah, not a good thing to try. Because you're going to be fake. And it's more I learned that you should become the person that you want to be. And that's better than faking it, it's yours, you You are the person that you want to be. And you have to tell that to yourself and say I am this person, act like it, and then you will become it instead of being like, I'm pretending to be this person. And eventually I'll become it. But it's like, you have to be that right away.

Jasna Burza 41:44

Yeah, you know, I love that. You know, and some people can even pull it off. You just energetically Have you ever met someone and they're talking and you're like, something's just don't trust? Yeah, I think that, you know, 80% of how we can communicators, I believe is energy and attention. Even before here, right now, I meditated. I quieted down and I said, may I say what is expected of me so that the people who are listening to the podcast will receive just what they need. And my prayer is always there's one person who's going to hear the conversation that you and I are having, and we'll do something differently as a result.

Jenna Redfield 42:27

You're gonna make me cry. Sorry. Like, it's really emotional for me, because that's what I want this podcast to be. And I sorry, I've never cried on the podcast before. I'm good. Oh, it's good. I just, like just thinking about how people can be impacted by it. It's just like, that is like why I do it. Honestly. Sorry.

Jasna Burza 42:46

But that's what you do. Yes. Your impact me sitting. having this conversation? is the result of you taking the bull by the horns?

Jenna Redfield 42:58

Yeah. For sure. attitude. Yes.

Jasna Burza 43:00

And there's something so noble about it. You know, listen, in the world of influencers, I could care less about the likes and comments. People don't get it. I'm like, yeah.

Not that he would not I would I want an audience. Yeah. But what's even more valuable than an audience is few people who are really going to get it.

Jenna Redfield 43:23

I think that those super fans, or the people that watch everything you do, those are the ones you really are talking to. Yes. And I think that comes around to the idea of having that personal brand is being the person you are attracts the people that want you and not the wrong people.

Jasna Burza 43:42

Absolutely. But that's listen personal brand is is is not your, your website, or the fonts on your website or your logo. So agree. personal brand is your spirit. Uh huh. It's who you are. The weird that you know, off the cuff blonde, funny, silly, whatever you want to call like, I am. As weird as it gets. Yeah, in so many.

Jenna Redfield 44:09

But that's my brand. That's the personality that you want. Yeah. And wouldn't you want to go through life with people who love you? Precisely because, yeah, exactly. And I think I always grew up. That's another thing. I always grew up, and I can find those people that love the the genuine me until I became an adult. So that was hard. Growing up, I was like, trying to be myself. And then I had to conform to what everyone else was because I felt like no one got me. And when you are yourself, who are you? Oh, gosh. Um, that's a I think I'm very genuine. I feel like I don't try to impress anyone. I just I am a nice kind of person. And I feel like I'm also an empath, which I'm going to be launching a YouTube series about the fact that I'm an empath. But a lot of people I learned this, a lot of people get turned off by impasse, because they're living a fake life. an empath can project that back to them, and say, I can see through your BS. So I always felt like as I could see through the fake people. And so for me, my goal in life was to find those other genuine people. Yeah. And it was way harder. And I think it's because our society is hiding behind thickness, that it wasn't until I was literally like, 2223, 24, I found legit people that weren't faking it. And so it's like, been a great experience for me, because I'm like, finally, I knew they were out there. But it took me like my entire life. There's, there's been one or two people along the way that I met, you know, in high school and college and stuff. But it's very hard to find real people. And I think Twin Cities collective. There's a lot of real people wellness.

Jasna Burza 46:00

So if I may interrupt you, that's the leaf. There's not a lot of, yeah, real people. So that's that. Yeah, that's Yeah, you're gonna run into a lot of run. You know, whatever you say is true. True. So we're going to give attention to I hear what yeah, that's an experience, I really found that. What's going to happen in a universal way that the more the moment you say, it, I knew today was going to be a good day. It's already a phenomenal day. Right? So sometimes you have to it's not fake it till you make it, but you have to believe it. Yeah. And it's beautiful. How you found and created your tribe, that all those experiences early on, what a blessing for us? Yeah. Because they have been the Twin Cities. Yeah, true. So

Unknown Speaker 46:54

yeah, it's all about the way you think about it is

Jasna Burza 46:56

without it, you wouldn't have had it much emotional intelligence is to support this community.

Jenna Redfield 47:03

Yeah, I think everything happens for a reason. That's something I truly believe. And I've people have talked to me about that, where you know, how they found us, or how you know, how people have connected with a certain person who told them about it. It's just like, all of those crazy things that add up to where you are today.

Jasna Burza 47:22

You have to we all have to find our tribe. And I know many people are offended by that word. I'll find a better community. Yeah. So belong. Yeah, right. Alfred Adler, the father of positive psychology talks about three things for life of purpose. One is a sense of belonging, safety, and security, and significance. And if you don't have these three things, we're always going to be flailing or looking. So physical and emotional safety and security. Belonging is key. Because if you don't belong and find the group, where we can be ourselves, yeah, we're the acid in this. Yeah, all of those where we're always going to chameleon ourselves. True. And also the the significance, I think we all want to matter. And we all want to be acknowledged. Yeah.

It's okay to say it. Yeah, it's okay to acknowledge.

Because there's nothing wrong with our condition and wanting to be acknowledged for who we are, it's a human thing. It is, gosh, it's a female, it's a sense of self awareness. And working with a incredible therapist, right now She works in transformational therapy. And she talks about, you know, something like object mirroring, which is, we get we learn about ourselves through people who are looking for, and then in it through it. We get we learn more they mirror who we are, which is what I think I do for my clients, which is what I do, wouldn't it be? Is it if we are a clear vessel, we can really show people where they are. It's a beautiful thing. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield 49:07

So we're going to wrap up our interview. But I want to ask, What are you currently offering to people listening? Like you said, you have a mastermind is that open, or what are kind of things that people if they want to connect with you what you

Jasna Burza 49:19

do, you're so sweet, meant,

like uplifting and meeting, I'm in an interesting period of my life, where I am really enjoying not doing much. I work with four or five clients every month, and those are my superstars. So that's something I've never stopped doing. But one of the things that I'm extremely passionate about is my Minneapolis mastermind that I've been doing for five years now. And this group is just I mean, I, I last session to Sunday, and I'm really teary eyed needs a group for business owners, creatives to come together and intensive. Under my guidance in December, we have a fellow coach Nikki, to really, really up level their life. And that's be unapologetic, whatever it is, show yourself who you are. I enjoy that tremendously. And it's really for a fraction of the cost. I don't think that so many of us should be putting thousands of dollars on a credit card when we can afford it. I think being able to afford some of these resources at a fair rate is such a given. Yeah, those are the things that I do. Yeah, people can find me. I live on Instagram. Yeah, that's where I live. And that's, yeah, that's

Unknown Speaker 50:40

cool. I love that you're not like here to push something, you're just like I just talked to you.

Jasna Burza 50:45

You know, this is it's an incredibly it's hard for me, I'm very driven. I'm a type a person, but until my children go to school, there's a time to you know, there's periods in life. If there's one advice that have for everyone, I see this struggling with women and mothers struggling and I see people who are working and curious, they're not a or taking care of someone, they're not able to go all in be patients. There are phases in life. And sometimes it's not just not the time, I'm choosing to spend the first five, six years with my children. But boy, when I come back,

Unknown Speaker 51:24


Jasna Burza 51:24

for right now is just truly a joy to talk to you. If I can be of service. And I really hope and pray and I have all the intention that our conversation today, one person you will hear it and they will do something different. It's resolved. And if that's the case, I think we've we've done it.

Unknown Speaker 51:43

Yeah. I totally agree with that. And

Jenna Redfield 51:45

that's why I really wanted you on because I know like the conversation we had a few weeks ago was like I still think about it. So it's like it really did impact me. So I was like I really have to have her on but so well. Thank you guys so much for listening. How do we find you on the internet? What's your Instagram handle so we can find you?

Jasna Burza 52:01

Yes, my dog boars, je s na da da.

Jenna Redfield 52:06

Okay, awesome. Well, I'll leave all the links to whatever you need. So thanks guys so much for listening and watching and I'll talk to you guys next week.

Thanks for listening to the Twin Cities collective podcast with Jenna Redfield. Make sure to click subscribe if you haven't already. And make sure to leave us a review on iTunes. Thanks again for Ian at Studio Americana for producing this episode, as well as Melanie Lee for designing the podcast art and thanks to Nick lightheadedness for the use of the song in the intro outros. Thanks so much again, and I'll see you next time.

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