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We Focus on the 6 Foundational Principles of the TCC Circle

Growth: Growing your business or your social media audience, growth focuses on building & gaining exposure & recognition in the community

Inspiration: Inspiration from fellow members, we use mindset to be inspired to grow our brands & businesses to new heights

Community: Local friendships & networks are built here. Referrals abound

Collaboration: Brands & influencers. Bloggers & businesses. Connect & work together

Education: Through calls, masterminds, podcasts, online courses & workshops, we focus on educating members on the latest in business & marketing practices

Profit: Whether you want a successful side hustle or to leap into full time entrepreneurship, making a profitable business is the key to that.


In the past, we did a round of accountability partner matchups. We are completely changing it this time around, as we found that when people are 1. invested, both time & financially & 2. followed up with by TCC, they tend to follow through with the program.

We're excited to include the matchup & follow up as part of the monthly membership



We are resurrecting the TCC member directory with new and improved functionality (search, categories & tags)
TCC Circle members will be in an additional section, allow a portfolio & logo to be shown & more! All signup links available in the FB group

  • Company Bio

  • Logo

  • Contact Info

  • Up to 5 Photos/One Video

  • Social Media Links

  • Links to Website

Currently we will only be adding/updating new TCC Circle members to the directory. Current Directory Members who signed up in the past are grandfathered into the directory, but in order to update, upgrade to premium or add additional info will need to become tcc circle members. 



Each month we will have a social event of some kind, not including workshops. These will be strictly social, or fun, or something that gets us all connected. These will be free for members (may cost extra if say a fitness class or something) and exclusively for TCC circle members

We may also have other events that will be free for tcc circle members but open to paying non-tcccircle members.



Each month, Jenna will design and send out 5 free styled stock photos to TCC members. These can be used on instagram & on your website. These can be accessed in the FB group each month.

We will also build a resource library inside the fb group.



In our FB group (members only!) we will have additional prompts like the regular FB group plus exclusive livestreams & hot seats, where we interview and do Q&As with me and with other guest experts every month!

You will also get early access to events & courses before the main group




With our monthly events,  workshops & the launch of our upcoming online courses, you as a TCC circle will get 25% off. Plus any additional products, you also get 25% off!

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Jenna Redfield is the leader of the Twin Cities Collective, the largest resource in the Twin Cities for bloggers, small business, entrepreneurs & creatives.

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