Top 10 Tips on Doing Your Marketing Quickly & Saving Time & Energy With Marketing Tools

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  1. Batch Everything

  2. Automate Your Clients/Services & Booking
    Tools Recommended:

    Acuity Scheduling

    Facebook Appointment

  3. Automate Posting
    Tools Recommended:



  4. Create Systems
    Folders & Organization

  5. Use Productivity Tools

    Sites like Trello, Asana, Clickup or Airtable
    Site Blockers & Screentime
    Time Block

  6. Create an editorial calendar & stick to it
    Before & after batching, put out when things are going out/happening to increase organization and consistency

  7. Use Canva Templates

  8. Repurpose old content

  9. Hire it out!

  10. Think visibility & use instagram stories to share what’s going on.

    Jenna Redfield is the leader of the Twin Cities Collective, the largest resource in the Twin Cities for bloggers, small business, entrepreneurs & creatives. She is a well known speaker, educator & social media strategist. You can work with her one on one with coaching and content creation (photo/video) services

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I love doing these because I can actually dig into content and actually talk to you guys directly and not have a guest, which I love having guests. But I also like just chatting. So we recently came up with a survey, which was so helpful with lots of topics that you guys wanted to hear about, from everything from the podcast, to our events, workshops, and courses. And some of the things I learned from that, at least for the feedback from the podcast if you guys actually like when I talk about how to save time, that was a huge topic people wanting to learn about and then also people like to have like actual lists, which I love making lists type podcast, or list type blog post, where it's just literally, here's what you should use. And so today's episode I'm really excited about. But before we get to it, I wanted to do some other announcements. So this fall, we are having more events, I'm so excited, we do events all year round. Except this year, we've decided not to do many during the summer. But this fall, we will be having workshops again, and we'll be announcing those very soon. Also, if you haven't been to our website in a while, we have a lot of different things you can look at on there. But one of the things I wanted to mention is, we do have a lot of different services. So I recently launched Squarespace website design, as well as photo and video for your brand. So if you need a brand video, maybe for Facebook ads, or if you need like a new headshot or a brand photography, I also do that. And then also, obviously, the big thing that I do is coaching. So if you need help with your social media strategy, or you just kind of have some questions about a specific platform, make sure to head to our website learn more, because that is absolutely one of my favorite things to do. You can learn a lot from people just by sitting with them and kind of picking their brain. And that's what I like to do. So if you want to schedule a session with me head to 20th Other than that, we'll get started on this episode. This episode, I want to talk about how to do marketing quickly. Now a lot of people struggle with marketing, because they just don't have a lot of time. So I want to talk about some ways to actually save time doing marketing, we did an episode on visibility ways to be visible, and how to just save time in general. And I'm kind of combining them together. So the first step of saving time doing marketing is to batch everything. I've mentioned this before. But basically the idea of backing is people tend to do better when they're focused on one thing. So for example, if you're writing a blog, write four or eight blog posts all at one time, and you'll be set to go for a few months, if you post once a week. You know, do things in batches where like you're cooking, cooking, or baking cookies, you have to bake 12 at a time or you know, 20 at a time, you don't just bake one cookie, you bake them all, that's what badging is all about. This is something sometimes people do with recording podcast episodes, you know, taking photos, and using those for months on end. So bashing allows you to get everything done without having to do it every single day. I recommend this for people that are posting every single day, like on Instagram, by bashing or kind of scheduling out your posts, you can actually save so much time by actually preparing ahead of time, I'm trying to get better at this because I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to batch but everyone is telling me to batch and I really think it does help. And when I do it, I feel very on top of things. So that's really exciting. Alright, the second tip is automating your client services. So now if you have a service based business, and I always say service based and product based service based is when you are working with someone one on one, and it's a service that you do, versus a product, which is an actual good. It could be food, it could be like a technology, it could be something that you sell, and you ship to someone. So if you are working with a actual client, getting some sort of bookings scheduler will save you so much time. There are some really, really great tools out there. And I mentioned them before, but I mentioned them again, because there's still people not using them. The number one one I would use if you're just looking for a scheduler is to check out acuity scheduling, acuity scheduling was recently purchased by Squarespace. And they are the best way to actually book out appointments or, you know, sessions with someone. Facebook actually recently just announced that they're doing appointment scheduling as well. And then if you're like in the fitness industry, I'm actually working with someone right now who's installing mind body, which is a great way to have classes and all of that. And there's also options like calland Lee, there's a bunch of different ones that actually allow you to book your services, scheduling out and sending it to people is the easiest way instead of being like, what time is good for you. I don't know what time is good for you. Having that embedded into your website will actually help you get more bookings, because people can see and check their own schedule. So instead of wasting your time, emailing about scheduling, have it literally in bed it into your website, and you will get so many more people signing up to work with you. I personally use a dub Sato, which is a CRM, it does a lot more than just schedule, it does my contracts, invoices. Basically everything I my business, I used up Sato, you can actually get paid through it as well. It uses stripe and square and PayPal to actually work with payment. There's also things like honey book and 17 hats that do the same thing. So if you're a service based business, this will save you not just time, but also a lot of using different apps to try to kind of get everything together when you can have it all in one. So if you're trying to save time, automating your booking is so important for that. The next thing I want to talk about is automating your posting of your social media. Now I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to spend hours and hours posting the content that I post everywhere else. I like the fact that I can automate a lot of what I'm doing. So there's two main apps that I use, and I've talked about them before. The first is recur post recur post allows me to schedule the morning posts that are in our Facebook group. And they also allow me to schedule post to Facebook on like a weekly or daily basis. So I post like old podcast episodes, blog posts, I've written promotions to the website. And I just love that and it's free for I just found out as 100 posts, so you can have 100 posts on there for free. And they continuously keep being posted. It's recurring. That's why it's called recur post. And there's other software's out there like Meet Edgar. And there's just like a bunch of those that that do that. I really enjoy it recur post and I've been using it for a while. Another one that I use to send all of my posts from Instagram is if this than that, it is free software. And I send all of my posts to Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. from that. I just find it tends to work really easily. And it allows me to just not have to worry about clicking all the buttons to send it to other spots, they beer, or Zapier, I'm not sure how to pronounce it is another one to automate your posting. But this allows me to save time, by not having to post it everywhere the one place, it doesn't send it to his LinkedIn. So I do usually, if it's a good Instagram post, I usually copy it. Or if it's like a video or some other piece of content, I just put it on LinkedIn. And then in addition to that, I kind of have mentioned this, I've been doing a lot of stuff on Pinterest lately. I also upload pins straight from my website. And I have the pennant button, which allows me to quickly pin stuff from my own site and super, super helpful.

Okay, the fourth one is creating systems. This is where for me, Google Drive comes in, I am extremely organized with a lot of my files, or I try to be I have folders for every type of situation. And I am really even though I'm an apple user, I prefer the Google versions of their organization, Google Photos, Google Drive, they just are so slick, and I have them installed on my phone and on my computer. With Google Photos, what I do is I installed on my phone, and then it automatically updates every time I take a photo, it adds it to the cloud. And then I can go through and delete all the photos on my phone. And what's cool about it is I can actually search through and just like if I'm looking for a picture of a specific person, it finds all those pictures, it's probably one of my favorite software's that I use for anything. And I absolutely love Google Photos. But with Google Drive is where I have every folder from all of our past events, I have all the photos from each event we've done. So if I need to quickly find it, it's on my phone, and I can download it. I also use it for storing videos, anything that I want to get from my computer to my phone, I using Google Drive. So creating kind of a system and organizational system of all of your content is super important. I actually have a specific folder for each blog post I've written. And if there's a specific photo that I've created in Canada, I download it to there, so I can quickly find it again, and I organized by year. So there's a lot of different ways you can organize. But I honestly think having a folder for your business, whether it's your brand guide, or your colors, or just having your logo, all of that stuff is really important to have quickly. I've worked with a lot of clients where they don't have that on their phone, when I'm working with them. And I'm like you need to have that because that's something you should be able to quickly find and use if you need it. So make sure that you have some sort of system for your all of your business files, because that is something that you can definitely save time doing. Alright, the next one using productivity tools. So these are things like timers, project management, software, and time blocking. So let's just get started with some things like Trello, Asana click up or Arab table. These are like the four most popular project management systems. And this is different than a CRM, a CRM is more for working one on one with clients. This is actually more for managing your own projects. So internally with your team, or just by yourself, I personally use Trello. I've tried Asana, and Lately, I've been hearing a lot about click up and air table, I haven't really gotten into them, they're a lot more powerful. And I feel like the almost confused me too much. So I'm going with Trello for now. But it's a great way to have to do lists and things that you need to get done. Just kind of tracking all the things that you're doing. And Trello is free. I believe Asana is also free. I think air table is free. But I believe that click up you have to pay for it. So that's why I haven't tried that one yet. Just because I'm not sure if it's worth the investment. In addition to those, one thing you might want to think about doing is this is personally something I struggle with, is having some sort of site blocker where if you are distracted by Facebook, or some sort of social media, you can actually block certain sites for a certain amount of time. I do this a lot on my computer. And I use an app that is called let me look it up self control. And self control is a free download that allows you to block your certain websites for certain amount of time, which is great for me when I'm getting distracted. And recently the iPhone came out with something called screen time that also allows you to block certain apps. And it also tracks how long you've been on a phone, which is crazy. Because mine, I don't want to show anyone because it's really embarrassing. But honestly, and they're actually bringing screen time to the Mac when the new iOS or the iOS system comes out this fall, which I'm so excited about. I just I want to talk about that real quick. Apple podcast is actually going to have its own app on the Mac, and it will be inside of iTunes, I'm so excited. So make sure to tell your friends to download the new OS system when it comes out in the fall if they have a Mac, because it's way easier to check out the podcast and all the podcasts out there. So just wanted to say that real quick. Also, the last one that I want to talk about is time blocking. This is similar to backing stuff where you do it all at once. Some people actually spend a certain amount of time doing one thing, and then switching to something else. It keeps you focused and on task. And so there are different things you can get like, there's actual physical timers you can buy from Amazon that allow you to actually set timers for a specific amount of time, whether it's 30 minutes, an hour, two hours, you can block your time to work on a specific task. And this is something I want to start working on. We're having someone on in the future that is a productivity coach, I'm really excited about that. Okay, so the next one, number six, creating an editorial calendar and sticking to it. So badging is one part of it. But in order to batch The first thing you're going to have to do actually is planning out what you're matching. So one of the things that I like to do is kind of plan out, maybe a month's worth of blog posts a month's worth of podcast episodes, so I know exactly who's coming on, I know what I need to write about. I have like so many drafts in my blog post, and whenever I have time, I just kind of work on them. But just having a plan for what kind of content you want to do allows you to save time when it actually is like oh, I need to write a blog post open up, I have four drafts ready to go. So having the calendar ahead of time and kind of even writing it on a physical calendar can allow you to be organized and plan ahead for the month. So there are other websites that are out there that allow you to plan with an editorial calendar, I'm not sure which ones are popular this day these days. But there are some really cool ones that you can actually share with other people.

But yeah, so there's just like a bunch of CO schedules, the one I was thinking of content marketing schedule, and you can use that with a team. All right, number seven, using Canvas templates. I've mentioned Kamba so many times over the years, and I and people still don't use it. And I'm like what it is the best software, I use it constantly. And it is where I create all of my graphics, all of my social media posts, every podcast template, everything I do is on Canada. And what I love about Canvas is it can I can create a template for something, and then I can just make a copy and then just change out the words and maybe change some of the images. And so for me, it saves me so much time, especially with the podcast to just have that ready to go. And I can just copy and paste new information on I don't have to come up with a new design every time. So having Canada and maybe even creating folders within Canada with all of your photography. With all of your current designs, it allows you to be super organized, and quickly be able to come up with new content for yourself. Again, this podcast is all about doing things quickly. Canada saves me so much time, if I had to create everything on Adobe Illustrator, it would like take me like an hour to just do one graphic, it would be insane. So Canvas for me is just a huge time saver. And I know for a lot of people also it is a huge time saver. And I just really, really enjoy going on there. Okay, number eight, this one is really important, and one that I haven't really done until this year. And that is to repurpose old content. Now, when I create content, I try to make it evergreen. And what evergreen means is that if I share it again, in two years, it'll still be relevant. A lot of these podcasts I'm creating more and more to be evergreen, where if people listen to them a year from now, it'll still make sense. And so what I've done recently is I've started sharing a lot of our old content, people might have missed it the first time around, and we have so much content already, that it makes more sense to share old stuff than it does to spend so much time making new stuff. So if you have maybe an old blog post, share it on Facebook again, or share it on your Instagram story and say hey, like, remember this, or Hey, you guys have been asking about this Did you know we have this blog post that I already wrote. That way people are still getting content, but you don't have to spend another hour creating a new piece for someone when you honestly already have one ready to go. So repurposing old content. Pinterest for this is a huge one, because I like to post a lot of the stuff I've done on Pinterest so that new audiences are finding it. It is a little bit harder on Instagram, just because sometimes I don't really like even posting content on Instagram that I've done, I usually try to come up with new stuff on there. But you do need to talk about old stuff every once in a while. So that's really important. All right, number nine, this is a big one. For a lot of people, the biggest complaint I hear is I just don't have time to market. You know, it's it's way too stressful. And one of the options is, and I think that this is something a lot of people probably should do is to hire it out. This is something that a lot of people get to the point where they just legitimately have to. And so if you are at that point, really think about it, because you may not either be good at marketing, want to do marketing, have time to do marketing. And there are a lot of people out there that are looking specifically to help you market. There are a lot of people that don't have to come on full time, they can be a couple hours a week. There's things like virtual assistants, there are things that are just people just managing one part of your social, maybe it's just your emails, maybe it's just your Instagram, there are so many people in our Facebook group specifically, they're actually looking for work doing that. So if you have a business, and you literally have no time to market it, which is how it survives, honestly, you might need to hire someone, look into that. And let me know if you're looking for someone because I know a lot of people that do that. Okay, finally, number 10. This is the one I really wanted to talk about. Because I have seen this a lot lately.

If you are having an event or anything of any kind where there's people involved, there's something exciting happening and you're not taking pictures and posting about it, you are missing out on so much potential visibility. This happened to me this week. And I was like, Oh my gosh, why are we not taking pictures of this. And I was already I was doing the event that was like I didn't I couldn't grab my phone at that time. But I think sharing every single day, what you're doing, whether it's on Instagram stories, or on Instagram itself, showing everything that you're doing, it saves you so much time having to come up with new content, because it's just in the moment, you're already doing it. Why not take some pictures? Why not? You know, have your friend doesn't have to be on a professional camera, it could just be on an iPhone. I honestly feel like I do this more than most people. I take out my phone and film stuff. And people kind of think it's weird, but I'm like, but you don't understand that's so much content for free, that I am doing right now in the moment. And people want to see the behind the scenes, people want to see what's happening at your business. And you might not think it's interesting, but most people do trust me, no matter what some of the most boring stuff for you is super fascinating to other people. And it also just reminds them that first you exist second what you do. And third, that you're interesting, and that maybe it'll get you some new followers. And this can be for any business honestly, coming up with with new content is something that I thing is a struggle for a lot of people, but I think it's actually a little bit easier than you think. Think about the people. what's what's the most asked question, you know, whether that's answering that in a video, answering that in a blog post or posting it on your story. You know, even repurposing reviews, you've gotten testimonials, you can post those on your Instagram stories. I just did that this week with someone and there's just a lot of different content that you can do. And I think it is absolutely an easy way to save time. And quickly get your message out there. I mentioned this on Instagram this week, using your story brand by Donald Miller. seriously one of the best concepts I've ever heard the story brand, seven steps to getting your message seen and clear. Go to their website and learn more about them. Because getting your message across is going to save you a lot of time. Because if you're wasting your time sending people the wrong message, you're not going to help yourself with marketing at all. So those are my 10 tips for how to do marketing quickly and saving time. If you guys want more from me, head to Twin Cities collective calm and click on our services. And you'll see the coaching and the social media strategy button because I absolutely love sitting down with small businesses and helping them figure out okay, what's the best marketing plan for you because everyone is different. Somebody might say, Oh, you should be doing this. And it might be completely wrong for you. And I've worked with so many small businesses now that I kind of know what's a waste of time and what's not. So if you don't want to waste any more of your time, you might want to work with me to get kind of a plan going. So if you want to do that, head over to our website, I'll put the link in the podcast description. Anyways, that is this episode. Next week we'll be back with a guest a very fun guest. I'm really excited about next week's episode but other than that, thanks guys so much for listening and I'll talk to you all next week.