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Instagram Stories & IGTV Online Course
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Instagram Stories & IGTV Online Course

Do you want to up your IG Stories game?

Do you want to learn about some awesome applications for using stories to gain a more invested following?

We're super excited to offer this course on Instagram stories!

Learn from an instagram expert who has built TCC to over 14K followers

✔ All the features & ways to use Instagram Stories

✔ Content to entertain and sell to your audience
✔ Analytics to see how your marketing affects website traffic
✔ Apps to impress & persuade your followers
✔ Content ideas on using stories


✔How the launch of preview is changing the game

✔IGTV vs YouTube vs FB

✔How to create vertical content & repurpose horizontal content

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DIY Your Podcast Online Course

Do you want to start your own podcast but don't even know which way to turn? Have you gotten stuck & want to throw it all away?

Stop Procrastinating by being overwhelmed with the process. You CAN Do It Yourself!!

First, take a breath. Then take this course.

I was once you! I wanted to launch a podcast, but had nowhere to turn & had to rely on many many long nights googlingreading blogs posts, watching youtube & more before I even launched, then spent a year and a half learning all the ways to improve & speed up my process, as it can be so time consuming if you are new to it.

Over time, I've created an extremely tight & fast process to get one episode up a week & quickly add artwork, descriptions, upload and more.

In this course, you will learn the why's but mostly the how's, with video tutorials for each step of the way.

+ You can do it in one day!!

Quit Googling for all the answers & get everything you need in ONE SPOT!

Check out the course curriculum to see all the information about the topics & what is covered.

The Experience:

Similar to my in person workshops, you will be walked through a presentation with step by step online tutorials for setting up your podcast.

Included are links to different options for recording, hosting & editing your podcast.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone interested in creating a podcast for themselves.

Podcasters come in all shapes & sizes and many different kinds (which you will see in the course!)

From super low budget to professionals, you can create a podcast today!

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Instagram Growth Online Workshop (1 Hour presentation)
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Instagram Growth Online Workshop (1 Hour presentation)

Do you struggle with growing your Instagram?

Do you want to be more consistent not only with posting your images but also the way they look?

Then we have the workshop for you!

Based on our bestselling in person workshop, the instagram growth workshop is a video workshop that walks through the entire instagram experience, from setting up your account, to posting images to growing your following

Learn from an instagram expert who has built TCC to over 14K followers

✔ Setup you account correctly to ell items & services on instagram 
✔ Make your account look consistent & pretty through scheduling & editing
✔ grow your account through hashtags, interaction & more!
✔ figure out your branding & overall visual branding

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