DIY Your Podcast Online Course

DIY Your Podcast Online Course


Do you want to start your own podcast but don't even know which way to turn? Have you gotten stuck & want to throw it all away?

First, take a breath. Then take this course.

I was once you! I wanted to launch a podcast, but had nowhere to turn & had to rely on many many long nights googlingreading blogs posts, watching youtube & more before I even launched, then spent a year and a half learning all the ways to improve & speed up my process, as it can be so time consuming if you are new to it.

Over time, I've created an extremely tight & fast process to get one episode up a week & quickly add artwork, descriptions, upload and more.

In this course, you will learn the why's but mostly the how's, with video tutorials for each step of the way.

+ You can do it in one day!!

Quit Googling for all the answers & get everything you need in ONE SPOT!

Check out the course curriculum to see all the information about the topics & what is covered.

The Experience:

Similar to my in person workshops, you will be walked through a presentation with step by step online tutorials for setting up your podcast.

Included are links to different options for recording, hosting & editing your podcast.

Stop Procrastinating by being overwhelmed with the process. You CAN Do It Yourself!!

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone interested in creating a podcast for themselves.

Podcasters come in all shapes & sizes and many different kinds (which you will see in the course!)

From super low budget to professionals, you can create a podcast today!

Course Outline:

Section 1: Setting Up Your Podcast

1.2 RSS ( Really Simple Syndication) & Apple Podcasts-How does it work?

1.3 Niching & Choosing A Topic

1.4 Choosing A Podcast Name

1.5 How will the podcast be structured (solo, co-host, guests)

1.6 Branding Your Podcast & Podcast Logo/Artwork

1.7 Budgeting Your Podcast

Section 2: Recording Your Podcast

2.1 Recording In Person or Over the Phone

2.2 Adding Video (YouTube/Facebook)

2.3 Recording Equipment/Microphones

2.4 Online Recording Software Options

2.5 Scheduling & Working with Guests

Section 3: Editing The Podcast

3.1 DIYing or Outsourcing? (Editing Tutorial on Final Cut & Audacity)

3.2 What to Edit/Adding Intros & Outros (Finding Legal Music)

3.3 Inserting Ads

Section 4: Uploading the Podcast

4.1 Choosing a platform to host

4.2 Hosting Through Your Website & 4.3 Setting up Libsyn & Squarespace

4.4 Description for each episode (what to include)

4.5 Creating Art for each episode

4.6 Adding the Podcast to Apple Podcasts

Section 5: Promoting the Podcast

5.1 Setting up Social Media Accounts

5.2 Setting up a Patreon & Other Monetization methods

5.3 Helping Guests Share the Podcast

5. 4 Adding the Podcast to Podcast Apps

Section 6: Sponsorships

6.1 Understanding Analytics & Listenership

6.2 Reaching Out to Brands

6.3 Launching a Podcast Media Kit (Send in Review at the end & Get 10% discount code for future classes!!)

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