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Events & Workshops

We also have many events & workshops in the Twin Cities, including our Best of Awards and recent Collective Social Summit conference!


1:1 Marketing Support

Run by Jenna Redfield, Twin Cities Collective is an off-shoot of Marketing Coach & Strategist Jenna's brand, focusing on local content. She provides 1:1 marketing support, classes, videos, podcast and so much more around

I've spent the last 6 years growing a local community

Here's how it happened

I sent a message to a girl who was moving out of town who was running a small blogger group in 2016 asking if I could take over her super small group. She said yes.

Now 5 years later, we've grown to a community of nearly 20,000 Minnesotans.

We've done 45+ events, including a conference, live podcast episode and a ton of workshops and parties

We also provide resources and a way for small businesses to promote themselves and learn more about running a business and marketing it to the local Twin Cities community. Scroll down or check out the rest of our site to learn more!


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