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We’re so excited to share our Social Media Audit & Strategy Session

I get it, you want your social media to grow, you’ve figured out how it works but you need someone who specializes in your account to look it over and give you specific feedback for your business, but you don’t know where to turn! You need results today!

Instead of staying after at my workshop, you want me to look over your account and give you a custom experience & knowledge of what you can change today to improve your social media & instagram strategy

The IG Audit is a prepaid 2 hour in person sit down session, meeting at my studio in Minnetonka. I will prepare a presentation/audit of your current social media accounts account with my thoughts, recommendations, tools, knowledge & a strategic plan of action for changes for growing your account & marketing your business. I will also look over your website & connect the link in terms of how an outsider views the brand at large. During the audit, you can ask as many questions as you need.


What’s included in the Audit & Strategy Session

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I will go over your account before you arrive and look at your questionnaire answers & create a presentation for you to walk through each part I would change and update. The audit in person will be one hour.


Photography & the grid layout is a huge part of the audit & we will discuss ideas for future posts and the current ones as well. We will also discuss branding options including feedback & suggestions on the following

  • Logo

  • Website Design & Copy

  • Brand Colors

  • Fonts

  • Brand Tone of Voice

    You can also learn more about our Styling & Logo design packages

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Setting up your website & other things for your brand is important, so I will make suggestions on what to change & add to your account. I will be going through your current instagram feed as well as other social platforms and give personalized feedback on setup, photos, calls to action & much more. You will be able to ask questions throughout & I will also send you my presentation as a pdf after the audit.

Pricing: $250 for a Two Hour Social Media & Strategy session In Person Audit

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