Do you ever feel any of this?

I have no people in my life to ask questions about my business

I feel like I'm going through entrepreneurship alone

I don't know what I'm doing

Is this idea worth pursuing?

Will I ever make money beyond friends & family discounts (yuck!)

It's so overwhelming! I have no time to spend trying to find this Info all over the web!


Well good news! Take a breath (inhale!) Jenna is here to help!


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Why instagram audits?



Hey all! I'm Jenna!

When I launched my instagram, I wish I had had someone sit with me and tell me all the things I needed to know to use it to for marketing purposes. There was no one out there who was an expert & knew how to explain it. So I’ve decided that with my years of instagram experience, growing my account to over 13 thousand followers, I have the experience & skills to help others. 

So with that I’ve launched hourly instagram consulting, specifically with audits. 

What’s an audit? According to, it’s “an official inspection of an individual's or organization's accounts, typically by an independent body.” As someone who doesn’t know anything about your business, I will be able to give you non-biased feedback.

Why signup for an instagram audit from TCC?

You are ready to take the next step & learn the ins & outs of how to improve your instagram account.

You want to learn all about the tools & apps as well as strategy for growing your account & your business

We will do all that and more in the #tccInstagramaduit

Spend one hour & get your instagram audit today


Instagram 1 hour package


INSTAGRAM or Website AUDIT(1 Hour)

I get it, you want your instagram to grow, you’ve figured out how it works but you need someone who specializes in your account to look it over and give you specific feedback for your business! You need results today!

Instead of staying after at my workshop, you want me to look over your account and give you a custom experience & knowledge of what you can change today to improve your instagram strategy



What you get with an instagram audit

Here’s what you will get from the one hour IG Audit


Full audit before audit session

I will go over your account before you arrive and look at your questionnaire answers & create a presentation for you to walk through each part I would change and update. The audit in person will be one hour.


Tips on improving Photography, Branding & Grid

Photography & the grid layout is a huge part of the audit & we will discuss ideas for future posts and the current ones as well. We will also discuss branding options including feedback & suggestions on the following

  • Logo

  • Website Design & Copy

  • Brand Colors

  • Fonts

  • Brand Tone of Voice

  • I’ll also share some resources on branding professionals  & online options for creating a cohesive brand


Account settings & overall suggestions

Setting up your website & other things for your brand is important, so I will make suggestions on what to change & add to your account. I will be going through your current instagram feed and give personalized feedback on hashtags, grid layout, setup, calls to action & much more


Q & A & Presentation Download

You will be able to ask questions throughout & I will also send you my presentation as a pdf after the audit.


Instagram Audit Signup

Fill out the form below to be sent the signup form!

Instagram Audit

Instagram Audit

One Hour Audit

For those who want to learn how to redirect their instagram account 




-Full audit before the one hour session

-Full feedback on current instagram & tips for improvement

-Apps to use to plan and schedule as well as edit your photos

-Changes to improve marketing through instagram

-website audit for linking account

-Presentation download


Listen to some of those involved in the TCC community & how it's impacted them!

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 10.53.50 AM.png


Q1. What if i haven't started my instagram?

Instagram audits are better suited for those who already have an instagram account up and running. If you haven't started yet, I recommend checking out my 30 Days of Posts Instagram Launch Package.

Q2. What if i don't have a website?

I won't look at it then, but consider starting one asap if you are using

Q3. What if I want more than an audit?

I recommend checking out my 30 Days of Posts Instagram Launch Package for more. If you do an audit first, I take $100 off the upgrade to the program

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