Logging Out: Ep. 1: Minneapolis' Instagram Walls & Murals

The first episode of Logging Out: Our New YouTube series where we explore the best of the Twin Cities!

Logging Out Ep. 1: Minneapolis' Instagram Worthy Murals

Videographer Sarah Moua & Twin Cities Collective Executive Director Jenna Redfield drive to some of the most Instagram worthy spots in Minneapolis!

This series will explore the fun & exciting places in Minneapolis, from world famous to hidden gems, from restaurants to fitness studios & beyond!

Spot 1: Welcome To Minneapolis Mural

Address: 509 1st Ave NE, Minneapolis MN

Spot 2: I Like You Mural & Store

Address: 501 1st Ave NE #1 Minneapolis MN

Spot 3: First Ave Stars

Address: 701 N 1st Ave, Minneapolis MN

Spot 4: Music Wall

Address: 94 S 10th St, Minneapolis, MN