Marketing & Advertising Groups


"BMA Minnesota is the only organization in the state dedicated exclusively to the professional development of business-to-business executives, marketers and communicators."

Meet every 1-2 Months

Social Media Breakfast

"Since it’s founding, SMBMSP has been a regularly occurring event where like minded folks across the Twin Cities get together to share & learn about social media."

Meet once a month on Friday Mornings

ADFED & AD2 (32 and under)

"The Advertising Federation of Minnesota (Ad Fed) is a non-profit, professional trade association that has served the Minnesota advertising community including agencies, advertisers, suppliers, and students, for more than 110 years. Ad Fed is a part of The American Advertising Federation (AAF), the nation’s oldest national advertising trade association. Ad Fed members volunteer their time and talents to plan and execute events that are overseen by a board of directors. Ad Fed offers networking opportunities, seminars, speaker presentations and other fun and industry focused events. It celebrates the Twin Cities’ market strength and the global impact that our community makes through leading brands, creative advertising campaigns, and sound business practices."

MIMA (Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association)

 "All members receive free registration to our monthly events along with access to more intimate members-only events. Our members include executives, managers, designers, consultants, technologists, writers, and more. Join MIMA and become a part of the leading interactive marketing-based educational and networking organization in the Twin Cities."


"i612 is a professional organization dedicated to development of the interactive advertising industry in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area".

IABC Minnesota (International Association of Business Educators MN)

"International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is a vibrant global membership association with thousands of members from around the world, representing many of the Global Fortune 500 companies."


AIGA Minnesota is the first place to turn for inspiration, professional development, and excellence in design in Minnesota. Our mission is to advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force. We encourage the exchange of ideas and information among professionals involved in design and other related fields.

AMA Minnesota (American Marketing Association)

"To educate our members about the American Marketing Association (AMA), especially the benefits of belonging to the Minnesota Chapter, by creating indispensable opportunities to get involved in our marketing community. We will achieve this by supporting the most critical member benefits and add indisputable value to membership by producing must-attend programs, activities and events."


"MnSearch serves all levels of search marketing professionals in Minnesota. Our mission:

  • To educate search marketing professionals and businesses about how to plan, execute and measure effective search marketing strategies and tactics.
  • To share the latest search marketing trends and insights to help you stay current in our rapidly changing environment.
  • To connect with other search marketing professionals and businesses in Minnesota to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects and learn about career opportunities."

Womens Groups

Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota. "WeMN is a nonprofit organization created exclusively for women entrepreneurs who seek to connect with like-minded peers, grow professionally, and gain access to a network that offers targeted support."

Levo League

Levo mentors you to develop your career talents, make connections and learn from each other. Local Levo is here to do this in person!

Through professional development, offline experiences, and access to an incredible community of like-minded Millennials, we're making the professional journey an enjoyable one.

We want to make Local Levo Minneapolis exactly what you need. Our goal is for you to feel supported in whatever challenges come your way and have a great time at every Local Levo gathering.

Women in Digital

Our Mission

To empower each other by creating a national network of women in digital unlimited in our potential to meet individual and collective goals. Our strength comes through our local chapters our power comes from our "ask" and "give" member pledge.


WE* will showcase the activity happening year-round for women entrepreneurs in Minnesota and highlight key resources available to startups. We have developed unique events throughout the year and are centralizing resources to support women-led startups in Minnesota. We want more women entrepreneurs to develop big ideas, gain access to the incredible resources right here in Minnesota, and ultimately raise capital to grow their businesses.

MPLS Mad Women

"We inspire women to pursue their ambitions and achieve professional goals by igniting conversations to bridge the gender gap in the creative community."

Girl. Creative

"A collective of rad creative females in Minneapolis/St.Paul"


"We value relationships, community, life-long learning, mentoring and an atmosphere of shared empowerment."


"Helping women create and grow sustainable and profitable businesses for more than three decades."

Women's Foundation

"The mission of the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota is to invest in innovation to drive gender equity in Minnesota."

WARMMN (Women's Art Resources of Minnesota)

"WARM empowers and supports all feminist artists by honoring the legacy of the past and by building a viable future."

MN Women of MARCOM (Marketing and Communications

"Minnesota Women in Marketing and Communications (MWMC) provides high-quality, future-focused programs and diverse leadership opportunities in a supportive, empowering environment that elevates female professional marketers and advances their careers."

Women in Networking (WIN)

"More than just a networking group, MN Women in Networking (WIN) has provided Twin Cities women in business with tools to succeed since 2002. WIN is founded on the concept of women lifting each other up for success through meaningful business connections and professional development opportunities."

Women Who Code

WWCode Twin Cities is dedicated to inspiring women in the St Paul / Minneapolis area to excel in tech careers.

Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

To advance women’s leadership by developing, educating, connecting and inspiring emerging leaders.

EncourageHer Network
Meet the Twin Cities’ most encouraging women who are founders, creators, connectors, and women who mean business. Our goal is to revolutionize the way in which professional women network. We open doors, create opportunities, and close deals.

Free Events

Creative Mornings

"Attendees gather in cities around the world to enjoy fresh coffee, friendly people, and an international array of breakfast foods. Volunteer hosts and their team members organize local chapters that not only celebrate a city’s creative talent, but also promote an open space to connect with like-minded individuals."

Meet once a month on Friday mornings


"Community Page dedicated to supporting and promoting local artists and events in the Twin Cities!"

Meet multiple times a month


Rising Tide Society - Tuesdays Together

"Educating and Empowering Creatives to Thrive in the spirit of Community over Competition."

Meet on 2nd Tuesday of every month


"A collective of rad creative females in Minneapolis/St.Paul"

Meet monthly on Monday Nights

Annual/Semi-Annual Events & Conferences

Minnesota Blogger Conference

The MN Blogger Conference is a full-day educational conference for professional and hobbyist bloggers. Keynote speakers, featured guests, and panelists elevate the local blogging community by sharing industry news, best practices, and networking opportunities.

Giant Steps

Giant Steps features interactive, large-group sessions with stories and insights from some of our amazing contributors, as well as lots of Q&A. It will also include smaller interactive workshops and panels on focused, practical topics delivered by practitioners and subject matter experts.


"TEDxMinneapolis is devoted to telling the grand Minneapolis story via the TEDx “Ideas Worth Spreading” platform. We host an event or two a year, and pull together all local yet global ideators, delicious local grub, fantastic craft and mini-still beverage, and impactful collaborators. All of these elements come together for a truly immersive, engaging, inspiring, and entertaining event. Join us."

Ignite Minneapolis

Ignite is a high-energy evening of 5-minute talks by people who have a burning idea—and the guts to get onstage and share it with their hometown crowd.

Twin Cities Startup Week

"In every corner of the Twin Cities Metro Area there is a hacker, maker, artist and entrepreneur whose efforts power the future economic vitality of this great state. During this week, we say thank you in the form of attention, praise and money... if you feel so bold. It's an entire week of startups on display. Welcome to #TCSW17."

MN Search Summit

The MnSearch Summit is a full-day event consisting of learning from industry thought leaders delivering the most forward-thinking digital strategies and tactics.

Wordcamp Minneapolis

Yearly wordpress conference

Prestige Conference

"Designed exclusively for freelancers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals operating in the digital marketplace, Prestige is an exceptional business building opportunity that will introduce concepts to create brand momentum, gain clients and customers, multiply revenues, foster new connections, and inspire you to reach farther and aim higher."