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The rise of social media has altered the fabric of our society in the last 10 years. It’s no different when it comes to business. Digital and social media is now more consumed person-to-person vs. business-to-consumer, causing brands to market outside their comfort zone. Not only marketing has changed, but public relations, communications, HR and sales have all integrated social media into their best practices. Because of this, brand marketers are being asked to coordinate more and more with their colleagues across functional departments or partner with leading agencies for strategic programs. so what does that mean for you, your organization and your role?

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Twin Cities Startup Week

"In every corner of the Twin Cities Metro Area there is a hacker, maker, artist and entrepreneur whose efforts power the future economic vitality of this great state. During this week, we say thank you in the form of attention, praise and money... if you feel so bold. It's an entire week of startups on display. Welcome to #TCSW17."

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"TEDxMinneapolis is devoted to telling the grand Minneapolis story via the TEDx “Ideas Worth Spreading” platform. We host an event or two a year, and pull together all local yet global ideators, delicious local grub, fantastic craft and mini-still beverage, and impactful collaborators. All of these elements come together for a truly immersive, engaging, inspiring, and entertaining event. Join us."

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