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Twin Cities Thrive

THRIVE redesigned professional networking for wellness professionals in the Twin Cities.

The best networking happens when we gather face to face to explore new ideas. We provide an intentional space to connect and learn from others whether that's about the healing work we do or the business tools we need to do it.

THRIVE offers networking events, classes, rentable workshop space & office space for practicing health & wellness coaches.

Join us for our notably powerful monthly gathering on the Third Thursday of each month or choose to explore an area of health that is new or unfamiliar to you. We are all better together.

Make sure you have created your business listing with our partners in crime, it's totally free and totally searchable for your peers and your prospective clients!

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Twin Cities Startup Week

"In every corner of the Twin Cities Metro Area there is a hacker, maker, artist and entrepreneur whose efforts power the future economic vitality of this great state. During this week, we say thank you in the form of attention, praise and money... if you feel so bold. It's an entire week of startups on display. Welcome to #TCSW17."

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