10 Best Home Decor Channels To Watch on YouTube

Hey Everyone! Here's the next article in my YouTube DIY/Home series. Check out the previous ones below!

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I thought I'd do maybe a series on different types of channels, this one will be home decor channels! Hope you enjoy!

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Without further ado, my Top 10 Best Home Decor Channels on YouTube

1. sparklyblonde1

I literally could watch her videos all day long.

2. thatsheart

I'm literally obsessed with That's Heart and her room tours. She has such a girly-chic style this girl can do no wrong!


3. The Classy It Girl

Very nice, she has replied to several of my comments.

4. stilababe09

Very popular and great style

5. ilikeweylie

Again, very girly look


6. Evelina

A little more chic than shabby style

7. Aspyn Ovard

Lots of video inspiration

8. Miss Remi Ashton

She has such great editing skills

10. Elle Fowler/Blair Fowler

Classics with very rich tastes

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