Do you ever feel any of this?

I Don’t understand how to setup my systems

I feel like I'm Going through this alone

I don't know what I'm doing

Is this how to do this?

What are the best practices for this software?

I’m stuck what do I do?


Well good news! Take a breath (inhale!) Jenna is here to help!


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Setup Services



Hey all! I'm Jenna!

When I launched my website & online platforms, I wish I had had someone sit with me and tell me all the things I needed to know to use it to for marketing purposes. There was no one out there who was an expert & knew how to explain it. So I’ve decided that with my years of experience, I have the experience & skills to help others. 

So with that I’ve launched hourly system setup consulting

Why signup for a setup session?

You don’t know how to setup a specific platform and instead of spending thousands having someone set it up and manage or spend hours researching with millions of questions, you need someone to explain it to you in an hourly consult with someone who has years of experience on that specific platform

Grab an hourly setup your systems consult today!

Setup Your Systems Hourly Consultation

What you get with the system setup consult


Hourly Setup & Tutorial

Most software can be setup & explained within an hour. Obviously if you need more time, you can schedule additional sessions.


Q & A Throughout

This session is for you to learn everything you want so make sure to ask questions.


Apps & Other suggestions for maximizing software

Many softwares need plugins or additional apps to utilize so I will share most of the ones I’ve heard of or used to improve each platform


Account settings & Overall Suggestions

With each platform, there’s many settings that need to be adjusted so it can work for your business.


Who is System Setup For?


It's not just for bloggers. It's not just for influencers. It's not just for Entrepreneurs

It's for everyone! 

Artists, Moms, Dads, Marketers, Consultants, Coaches, Jewelry Designers, Clothing Designers, Copywriters, Lawyers, Fitness Instructors, Health Coaches, Teachers, Authors, Photographers, Videographers, Event Planners, Store Owners, Hobbyists, Interior Designers, Realtors, Web Designers, Brand Designers, & so many more!

Full Time Workers, Part Time Workers, Side Hustlers, Full Time in Your Business

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 10.53.50 AM.png

System Setup Consultation

Signup for an hourly consultation


System Setup Consultation

Open to all ladies & gentlemen 18 or older! 



-One hour system setup and step by step tutorial

-Q & A, ask your questions about the software throughout

-App & plugin setup

-Account settings and overall suggestions


Listen to some of those involved in the TCC community & how it's impacted them!

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Q1. What software is involved?

I have a list of software I'm comfortable with setting up, but I specialize in instagram, squarespace, mailchimp & crms like Dubsado

Q2. Will you design things for me?

No. I will help you set it up and give you suggestions for design

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